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Interaktív action and exhibition in the Kis Zsinagóga, Hungary, Eger
2-7 July, 2008.
Place: Eger, Hibay Károly utca 7.


En:counters is an artist-led collaborative proposal formulated with the aim of creating a dialogue between artists, practices and audiences across national borders, disciplines and ideologies. We propose a project in which three artists based in Bristol and one Lochgilphead (Argyll) initiate an open-ended exploratory dialogue around the term ‘encounters’ in order to expand and investigate its meaning and potential for creative and conversational focus.


The main artists, theme leaders from Bristol:
Arantxa Echarte, Hilary Ramsden, Gweanelle Joubert

Hungarian artists joined to them:
Szilágyi Rudolf, Vágó Szabolcs, Busák Péter, Tóth Éva, Tóth Ramóna, Rostás Bea Piros, Barra Nikolett, Koronczi Melinda, Pogonyi Csongor, Kárpáthegyi István and many more...

The interactive land-art creation the P-layground was prepared for a given topic. Game with the playground, the lying man's idea was game with the word, in this manner concerned already with himself, who hangs his foot into the pool. It was important for more people to join working up the playground playfully all the time, and let the pool be useful on the end. After all the final state what's the most important part of the idea, that the typical Eger man grassed, in this manner
as if under a grass blanket would lay a man, hanging his legs into a pool
...it could be, if it would not have been necessary to destroy it before time.
The action worked after all because we enjoyed ourselves playing with, and on the playground.


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